Blended Giving

So many times in life we think we must choose between two alternatives, like two different cups of coffee. When making a gift to support the causes they care about, many people feel like they either have to choose between making a sizable gift today, so they can see firsthand the impact of their gift (and receive any upfront tax benefits), or holding off on making their intended gift until much later, when they know they won't need the money during their lifetime.

Similar to finding your perfect coffee blend, there is a way to blend your giving that is right for you. The idea is that you make a starting gift with a current gift of cash, securities, or real estate. Then you find the planned gift method, maybe a bequest, charitable trust, or gift annuity, that works best for your situation and meets your personal and financial goals.

Each of us is unique with particular Moravian ministries and other charities or organizations about which we are passionate. Why then should any of us settle on the idea that our charitable giving should be the same?

Please explore our website further and give us a call to begin learning about the many different ways you can create a custom gift to strengthen your church and the Moravian (or other) causes you care about most.

(The mug pictured with this article is available for sale from the Interprovincial Board of Communication, one of the Moravian ministries we all love. To purchase one, click here.)


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