Honor Roll of Investors

The Moravian Ministries Foundation helps Moravian individuals, churches and agencies grow and sustain the ministries that are central to our faith. We do this through investments, gift planning and stewardship development. As an agency of the Moravian Church in America, our sole purpose is to help grow funds for Moravian ministries. We do not raise money for our own operations; instead, we help Moravians identify the work and values they most want to support and provide proven, sensible options for achieving their goals.

In 1998 we began offering churches and agencies a way to invest together to strengthen their ministries. The Moravian Common Fund is a pooled investment and endowment management vehicle managed by Kaspick & Company, a subsidiary of TIAA-CREF Trust Company, FSB. As of August 31, 2016, the Common Fund stood at just over $150 million invested by almost 100 churches and agencies. For the fourth consecutive year, the Common Fund’s growth portfolio performance ranked number one in our peer group study of faith-based and community foundation investment returns. In particular, our growth portfolio ranked number one during the past year, five and ten-year periods ending June 30, 2016. The complete study is available here: www.mmfa.info/endowment_management.

We would like to thank the churches, agencies and both Provinces who have chosen to Invest Where They Believe and strengthen their ministries, as well as our shared Moravian values, by investing in the Common Fund. We are pleased to present this “Honor Roll” of investors and express our gratitude for their participation and commitment.

If you would like to learn more about the Common Fund or our work, please visit our website here or call us at 888-722-7923. We look forward to serving you.

Common Fund Investors:

Ardmore Moravian Church
Bethabara Moravian Church
Bethania Moravian Church
Board of World Mission
Calvary Moravian Church (NC)
Calvary Moravian Church (PA)
Canaan Moravian Church
Canadensis Moravian Church
Castleton Hill Moravian Church
Castleton Hill Moravian Church Preschool
Chaska Moravian Church
Christ Moravian Church
Christian Action for Renewal & Development
Ebenezer Moravian Church
Edgeboro Moravian Church
Emmaus Moravian Church
Enterprise Moravian Church
Ephraim Moravian Church
First Moravian Church (NJ)
First Moravian Church (OH)
Freedom Moravian Church
Friedland Moravian Church
Fries Moravian Church
Fry’s Valley Moravian Church
Grace Moravian Church (NC)
Graceham Moravian Church
Graceham Cemetery Association
Home Moravian Church
Hope Conference & Renewal Center
Hope Moravian Church (IN)
Hope Moravian Church (NC)
Immanuel New Eden Moravian Church
Interprovincial Board of Communications
Kellner Moravian Church
Kernersville Moravian Church Preschool
King Moravian Church
Lake Mills Moravian Church
Lancaster Moravian Church
Larger Life Foundation
Laurel Ridge Moravian Camp, Conference & Retreat Center
Lititz Moravian Church
Little Church on the Lane Moravian Church
London Moravian Church
Macedonia Moravian Church
Main Street Moravian Church
Marquardt Foundation, Inc.
Mayodan Moravian Church
Mission Society
Mizpah Moravian Church
Moravian Church, Alaska Province
Moravian Church, Eastern District
Moravian Church, Northern Province
Moravian Church, Southern Province
Moravian Church, Western District
Moravian Church of Lake Auburn
Moravian Hall Square, Inc.
Moravian Ministries Foundation in America
Moravian Music Foundation

Moravian Open Door, Inc.
Mt. Morris Camp & Conference Center
Mountainview Moravian Church
Nazareth Moravian Church
New Dorp Moravian Church
Northern Province Moravian Archives
Olivet Moravian Church
Peace Moravian Church
Raleigh Moravian Church
Rural Hall Moravian Church
Salem Congregation
Schoeneck Moravian Church
Sharon Moravian Church
Shepherd of the Prairie Moravian Church
Sister Bay Moravian Church
Society for Promoting the Gospel
Southern Province Board of Cooperative Ministries
Southern Province Moravian Archives
Southern Province Provincial Women’s Board
Southern Wisconsin Moravians for Mission
Sunnyside Ministries
Twenty Minute Society
Trinity Moravian Church (NC)
United Brethrens Church on Staten Island
United Moravian Church
Unity Women's Desk
Watertown Moravian Church
West Salem Moravian Church
West Side Moravian Church (PA)
West Side Moravian Church (WI)
Widows Society
Wisconsin Rapids Moravian Church

Funds Which Benefit Ministries:

Mina M. Adamson Innovation Fund
Richard & Janet Amos Charitable Fund
Anonymous Scholarship Fund
Robert O. & Lois Jane Beroth Mission & Ministry Fund
Broadbay Mission & Ministry Fund
Kelly & Anne Chadwick Benevolent Fund
Kelly A. Chadwick Memorial Fund
Stephanie Davis Laurel Ridge Scholarship Fund
Maxine G. Garrett Mission & Ministry Fund
Gene Harris & Elizabeth Martin Greene Mission & Ministry Fund
Greenfield Family Fund
Jared Fund for Laurel Ridge
Frederick A. & Betty P. Masten Mission & Ministry Fund
Ruth Nelson Scholarship Fund
Sylvia Scott Scholarship & Special Needs Fund
Jerry L. & Ruby Lea K. Simmons Mission & Ministry Fund
Bishop W. Herbert Spaugh Ministerial & Children's Education Fund
Joe & Jessie Stone Fund
Harry & Nora Voight Scholarship Fund
Velma & Howard Weidman Mission & Ministry Fund
Wimmer Unity Graveyard Maintenance Fund
Yarbrough Family Mission & Ministry Fund