Invest Where You Believe

Let's talk honestly about money and the church.

Forever this has been a naturally complex relationship, because God's grace is freely given and yet doing His work requires so much.

Love. Kindness. Action. And yes, money.

At the Moravian Ministries Foundation, the churches, congregations, and individuals we serve understand this. For them, letting values guide their giving is recognition of a simple, practical truth:

viable ministries need an abundance of resources to thrive.

That is precisely why we serve this great church and its most generous members. We know that ongoing Moravian service depends on ongoing Moravian stewardship. We also know the stakes of this relationship are high:

the more assets that are available to a church, the more good that church can do in the world.

That's why we're always ready to talk honestly about money and the church- from advising church leadership about savings and investments to discussing with individuals how their faith can be transformed into an everlasting gift.

As trusted and experienced counsel, the Moravian Ministries Foundation is first and foremost committed to helping churches safely navigate the expansive and often uneven financial terrain of the 21st century. But while prudence and professionalism define our skills, our sole focus on serving Moravian ministries is what distinguishes our mission.

Indeed, who we are is how we serve.

At the Moravian Ministries Foundation, every dollar invested, now or over time, strengthens our shared Moravian values.

If this sounds like a good idea to you, let's talk about it.