Is It Feasible?

Is your church considering a capital campaign? If so consider conducting a feasibility study. Moravian Ministries Foundation Vice President Chi-Chi Messick explains why:

A feasibility study determines a congregation's readiness to launch a capital campaign. More specifically, the consultant gathers answers to three questions:

  1. How knowledgeable are the congregants about the proposed project?
  2. What questions or barriers remain which must be addressed before launching a campaign?
  3. How much money are congregants likely to contribute to the proposed project?


A feasibility study provides valuable information that a congregation needs before launching a capital campaign. The results of the study help leaders determine if more information about the proposed building/renovation project needs to be shared with the congregation, as well as identify any potential problems that must be resolved before a campaign can be launched. The results also refine the scope of the project based on the projected amount of financial contributions.


Through our Morning Star Campaign Services program, we provide a consultant who interviews members of the congregation to determine a church's readiness to launch a campaign. The consultant works with congregational leaders to carefully select the feasibility study participants and questions to ask them. Each interview is confidential and lasts from forty-five minutes to an hour. When the interviews are completed, the consultant analyzes the data and writes a summary report to help the congregation determine the next steps.

Why Hire an Outsider?

The Morning Star consultant provides a professional and objective approach to a capital campaign. As an honest broker, the consultant employs knowledge of the Moravian Church and has experience from working with several agencies and congregations since 2000.


Morning Star has assisted 17 churches and agencies in the Northern and Southern Provinces of the Moravian Church in raising over $7,000,000.