The Foundation's Annual Report to the PECs

This may seem like this an “inside baseball” story, but is very important, because while the Foundation serves the Moravian church, it is also a $150,000,000 non-profit corporation and must act accordingly.

The Northern and Southern PECs (the body, not the individuals) equally own the Foundation; they are the members of the corporation and their roles are much different from that of the trustees. The members have two duties: 1) the appointment of trustees; and, 2) to approve any changes to corporate documents such as by-laws, articles of incorporation and the like. The trustees govern the Foundation, set policy, approve the budget, and hire or terminate staff. This does not mean the members are totally removed, but their role in these affairs is advisory and, because they are the PECs, their words carry weight and influence. In the end, we are all in this venture together. 

The annual meeting of the corporation takes place during the annual joint PEC meeting in October; they talk about the work the two provinces do together and matters of shared concern.

We prepare our annual report in conjunction with the meeting, and this year I want to share it with you. Why? Because the Church is really each of us who profess to be followers of Christ, and the Foundation exists to serve the members and ministries of the Moravian Church.

Please take time to read it; you can do so by clicking this link. I welcome your thoughts, reactions and comments.