Handwriting on the Wall

I think we’ve all said it sometime or another, but I’m not sure we’ve actually seen it – really seen the handwriting on the wall.  In most instances it means that this is what’s going to happen or maybe has already happened.

In the case of New Beginnings Moravian Church, the answer is both/and.  On Sunday October 2, Jack and I attended the anniversary and building dedication at New Beginnings in Huntersville North Carolina.  A picture of the handwriting on the wall graced the cover of the Order of Worship for that Sunday.  “God be with us and bless this holy place” was the inscription on a large wooden board, part of the renovation materials.

Early in the renovation project, Pastor Chris Thore invited congregation members to come by the church and write their personal messages on the interior boards throughout the new addition. For over two weeks, members ranging in age from 4 years to 90 wrote on the wooden boards, some high and some closer to the floor. There are even messages on some of the rafters (how did they do that!). Prayers, scripture verses, special inscriptions and even happy faces are written throughout the building.  Janet Kauffman, church secretary (really Woman of all Work!) says knowing that the walls of her office contain prayers and loving messages gives her comfort and peace. “God is truly in this place,” words from Janet that were echoed by many as we dedicated this beautiful facility to God’s work.

Morning Star Campaign Services of the Moravian Ministries Foundation was honored to provide capital campaign consultation to assist New Beginnings in raising funds for the renovation. This congregation planned well, spent wisely, and worked diligently to transform their facility.  They worship, fellowship and learn in a place where they are surrounded by God’s grace and the handwriting on the wall.