It's Time to Talk About....

Paul, Laura and I have had two very productive meetings with the South Branch RCC. For our Northern Province readers, the 2010 Southern Province Synod created Regional Conferences of Churches (or RCCs), which are small clusters of congregations and fellowships that meet together to enable communication, build unity and expand community throughout the Province.

In May Paul and I were invited to attend the South Branch RCC’s regular meeting at Advent Moravian in Winston-Salem to talk about the work of the Moravian Ministries Foundation: GiftLegacy, The Moravian Common Fund, and Morning Star Campaign Services.  We are always happy to talk about what we do and how we can serve our Moravian congregations and agencies.

After the initial meeting, we were delighted to receive a second call because the South Branch churches wanted to continue the conversation. In August we hosted members of the group who wanted to talk more specifically about our Grace, Generosity and Gratitude program. Yes – we know it’s almost fall and we know that the conversation usually settles around “what are we doing for stewardship this fall?”

But we want to change that conversation. We want to encourage folks to talk about grace, generosity and gratitude. And we want to talk about it all year long – not just in the fall and not just about being good stewards of God’s bounty.

These questions helped us focus our thoughts:

  1. How does your congregation talk about its giving tradition?
  2. Do givers feel a sense of ownership?
  3. Do you encourage gifts of time, skills, ideas, networks?
  4. Do you publicly celebrate/thank givers?
  5. How do you teach the next generation of givers?
  6. How do you enable your donors to experience the joys of giving?

You must admit, this is a different approach than the usual “how are we going to meet the budget?” conversation.   

Paul’s remarks at both 2014 Synods resonated strongly with a lot of Moravians. We’ve heard from many of you who are ready to talk honestly about money and to Invest Where You Believe.

Call today to schedule a time for your RCC in the Southern Province or your congregation in the North to hear more about Grace, Generosity and Gratitude.

Let’s continue the conversation.