Learning to Lead

This past Saturday, Laura Watson and I attended the Board of Cooperative Ministries’ “Leadership Focus 2016”.  Held at Fairview Moravian in Winston-Salem, this all-day event entitled “Living the Essentials”, attracted Moravian pastors and laypersons from across the Southern Province. After the keynote address by the Rev. Dr. Jill Crainshaw from Wake Forest School of Divinity, we could chose from eleven different workshops focusing on leadership for a variety of areas: music, mission, church communication, governance and much more.

As you know from our previous posts, the Moravian Ministries Foundation is committed to talking about money and the church, and how money follows mission. Laura and I developed our workshop to focus on leading your congregation’s response to God’s great generosity.

Our basic premise:  Every church needs a special committee or task force to lead the congregation’s year-round efforts in giving to support the mission of the church.  You can call it the stewardship committee, or as Clemmons Moravian has done, change the name to the “Grace and Giving” committee.

From our work with churches in the Northern and Southern Provinces, we see that when churches focus their attention on helping members grow in giving, serving, and caring for God’s creation, important lessons in spiritual formation occur.

But the big question remains: Who are the people in our congregations who can help us learn about growing grace, gratitude and generosity? Look for the people with a passion for helping and teaching. Look for the people who get things done.  Look for those who are committed to the mission of the congregation and already share their testimony as well as their gifts. Make sure that the most important task of this group is to celebrate generosity and to invite members into the life of the church.  Our commitments of time, talent and treasure naturally flow from our discipleship.