Lift Up Thine Eyes

When I started playing field hockey in high school, I had a coach who was constantly reminding us to look up. As new players, we would hold our heads down and stare intently at our sticks and the ball, trying to master the skills needed to effectively move both our bodies and the ball down the field. I can still see and hear the coach as she stood on the sideline yelling, "Heads up! Heads up! Look where you're going!"

The other day, as I was jogging around my neighborhood, I realized I had my head down, eyes on the sidewalk to make sure I didn't trip! I looked up and saw people walking towards me, also with their heads down, as they were intent on whatever they were doing on their smart phones. I spent the rest of the run noticing how many people were going about their lives with their heads down. Later that evening I was one of them, head down to play solitaire on my iPad.

One of my favorite Psalms is from chapter 123: "Unto thee do I lift up mine eyes."

Oh if that were true more often. If I'm honest with myself, I live much of my life with my head down, focusing on worldly things like finishing my taxes, whether I should stop for gas today or tomorrow, is there too much salt in that can of soup, etc. etc. I skip the potluck lunch at church after worship because it's a beautiful day and I want to plant flowers. I don't even consider the opportunities to spend the night at the homeless shelter, to join the group that's cleaning up the street our church adopted, or to use vacation time to go on a mission trip. Head down, head down.

What happens if we lift our eyes to the Lord and stay focused on the truly important things in life? If we listen for how we're being called to serve, to give, to love others, and we respond with grateful hearts and heads held high? Less chin down, worrying about inflation, and more hands open, rejoicing in and sharing the abundant blessings we've received? I image we will experience life at its very best, as God so longs for us to.

Heads up, brothers and sisters. Look where you're going.