Meet Dave and Miriam Devey

I was in Bethlehem recently and I stopped by to see my dear friends Dave and Miriam Devey. Dave had become ill and was in the nursing home wing of Moravian Village. And, his companion and loving wife Miriam was at his side, carrying for her beloved husband.

If you don’t know the Deveys, you are missing out on special couple. And, if you do, then you know what I mean.

My visit had nothing to do with the business of the Foundation, but had all to do with wanting to express my sincerest gratitude for the gift of their friendship. You see, my work has more to do with fostering and sustaining relationships than anything else. While I'm an extrovert (not the person you want to sit next to on an airplane if you are an introvert!), it's not that I always talk so much; rather, I love listening to people’s stories.

In the case of the Deveys, they were born in Pittsburgh and grew up Presbyterian. After college Dave began a long and distinguished career in private secondary education. They became acquainted with Moravians when Dave was appointed Headmaster at Moravian Academy in Bethlehem, and the rest of their lives has been spent in education, raising a wonderful and loving family, and being involved at Central Moravian Church.

Besides being kind, Miriam and Dave have a delightful and often dry sense of humor. Sometimes you don’t realize your leg has been pulled until you try to get up. But the quality I admire most in both Miriam and Dave is their generosity, and I don’t only mean financial. They are always giving of themselves, their time, talents and energy, to the Church, their friends, and their family. When asked why, Dave says, “Isn’t that what we're supposed to do?”

Miriam and Dave have created gift annuities for the benefit of Central Moravian- the church they love and that loves them in return.

My visit was sad and joyful. It was sad because I hated seeing Dave ill; it was joyful because Dave and Miriam don’t know how to be anything else. So, I would ask you to remember this loving couple and their family in your prayers. They would never ask for themselves, but I know they will appreciate it.