My Three G's

We have been focused on faith and philanthropy within the Christian understanding of grace, gratitude and generosity, so I decided to do some reading about grace, and found this quote:

…Grace is the free and undeserved help that God gives us to respond to his call. The Church teaches us that grace moves us to participate in the life of God and moves us to begin and sustain a relationship with our Creator. Grace not only assists us in living the Christian life through purification of our hearts, it literally changes our souls by infusing divine life to heal the wounds of sin. Grace is wrought through the work of the Holy Spirit, and grace is what initially moves our hearts

WOW! And it occurs every day, hour, minute, and second. What a gift.

Then I thought about the word “faith”. As followers of Christ we can only define faith as an action word – a verb. I know the grammar majors may be unhappy with me, but we are called to forgive, to pray, to give thanks, to share, to love another as much as God loves us….

So, when I combine grace and faith and never asked for either, I want to express my gratitude as generously as I can. Why? Not out of a sense of obligation or duty, but out of love. And I do this in many ways: I pray, I worship, I serve, and I give.

Since the Church is a living organism it needs food and resources to do its work, just as we do. So I share what I earn to feed and nourish the Church I love. It is something I want and need to do.

Grace, gratitude and generosity aren’t quick catchphrases, but are words that describe being a Christian and part of living a holy life.