A New Chapter

I’ve been writing this blog for weeks and it just won’t get written. As my retirement date approaches in a little over a week, I’m not sure what to say about “goodbye” and my feelings are all over the map about it. But here’s what I know to be true: I have had the most incredible experiences and have been honored and blessed by the opportunity to work here at the Moravian Ministries Foundation.

The memories are bright, and the welcome and warm hospitality I have received from all of you have made these past 16 plus years fly by. It seems that only yesterday I was traveling on County Road E on my way to Veedum Moravian Church in Pittsville, Wisconsin, for my very first capital campaign meeting. A few nights ago, I watched as my able colleague, Laura Watson, led a campaign strategy meeting for the Unity Women’s Desk. The chapter opens and the chapter closes. But the book doesn’t end. There are more chapters and more opportunities and not a little anxiety. What does the next chapter hold?

I’ll keep you posted as I figure out what happens next. I’m sure it will include a lot of reading, a lot of music and lot of Church. Because it always has. So, I won’t say “goodbye” – but I’ll say “until we meet again”.