Taking A Time Out

For the past four years, one of my responsibilities with the Foundation has been to work with everyone who invests in the Common Fund. Those files take up about three large drawers and contain set-up documents for the invested funds, any correspondence, yearly updates, and, for many of the funds, how withdrawn money has been spent.

It's easy to go through the motions of work from day to day and not remember the significance of the contents of those three drawers. Many of the funds are named after an individual, couple, or family who gave generously to create the fund, or in whose memory a fund was created. Many of the funds have distributed thousands of dollars to the church, agency, or province which owns or benefits from them. So, as I took a time out today and really looked at all those file folders, I was aware that I was looking at ministry. At God's work in our world. At people's grateful response to God's generosity and grace in their lives. It was a pretty remarkable moment!

My "time out" ended as I pulled the "mission and ministry" funds; those are perpetual funds which distribute an amount every year to the ministries which are or were important to the donor(s). This year $170,000 is going out to all kinds of places for all kinds of ministry....to Laurel Ridge for summer camp scholarships, to the Board of World Mission for missionary support, to Ephraim Moravian Church for scholarships, to Unity Moravian for its graveyard, to West Salem Moravian Church for scholarships, to Friedland Moravian Church for mission work, to New Philadelphia Moravian Church for mission work, to Salemtowne, to Sunnyside, to Faith Moravian, to the Seminary, to the Moravian Music Foundation, to the Moravian Archives, to King Moravian, to Covenant Moravian, to Lake Mills Moravian..and the list goes on.

None of us knows what the future will bring, but we do know God blesses us abundantly every day. I invite you to take your own "time out" and stop for a moment to recognize God's grace and generosity at work in your life. How will you respond? How can you strengthen and ensure God's work through our Moravian Church for years to come?