A Thank-You

Our staff member Laura Watson has the task of keeping after the rest of us about writing our blogs for the website. It is not an easy task, but her work and the work of the rest of the staff is something I marvel about everyday.

I know many bosses say this, but the proof is in the so-called pudding – the Moravian Ministries Foundation has the best staff I have ever worked with in my nearly forty-year career. They work hard. They enjoy what they do. They like each other. They are responsive to our stakeholders. They produce impressive work. They share a deep commitment to the work and ministry of the Foundation. They seemingly have unlimited energy and strive to excel. And, we have fun together.

What we do is not a “drive by” service where we come in, talk, and leave. Every time we serve a donor or a church, it is a relationship and we invest as much time and energy needed to not only aid with the immediate task, but to support on-going efforts.

Admittedly, sometimes we encounter resistance or an unwillingness to move forward. When this happens, we step away. We want to work with people and churches that want to make a difference in area of faith and philanthropy. So when we see they are all in, we get all in as well.

Sometimes progress moves quickly. Other times it seems the clock moves very slowly. We are fine in either situation. Why? Because we recognize that each person and organization has to move at the pace they feel is right for them. We are simply glad they are moving forward.

The Moravian Church and the Foundation are honored to have Chi-Chi Messick, Laura Watson and Lee Morgan serving it. And I am humbled and proud to call them my colleagues. So, if you see them – do me a favor and tell them “thank you".