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Donor Advised Fund Helps Spaugh Family See Hope in Sadness

In the fourth quarter of 2017, the Moravian Ministries Foundation in America (MMFA) will launch a new Donor Advised Fund (DAF). The Board of MMFA hopes that this new fund encourages giving in new and exciting ways. We also hope that this opens up philanthropy to new donors who may desire more choice in their charitable contributions.

Great is your Faith

Matthew’s gospel includes an interesting story in chapter 15.  It is the story of a Canaanite mother.  We know she had at least one child but very little is known about her otherwise.  However, the fact that Matthew captures her story is amazing and we should not miss it.  Matthew, who was a tax collector prior to meeting Christ, strikes me as someone who would debunk social norms.

Starting the Conversation on Impact

I may sound like a worried person when I say this is a turbulent time we live in, but I believe most of you will agree with the truth behind that statement.  From the recent disturbing violence in Charlottesville to other protests, murders, and unimaginable events that are hitting the news waves daily around this great land of ours, times are challenging.  As our pastor reminded us Sunday, eight people stepped off of the ark in Genesis 8 and we are all descendants of those people.  The only race that matters in the image of God is the human race and we all should strive to ad

Invest in HOW You Believe

Invest Where You Believe is the slogan of the Moravian Ministries Foundation. It is a slogan or mission statement that resonates with me and speaks to my personal belief as a follower of Jesus Christ. I believe that I should push a significant portion of my charitable donations toward Christ and His Kingdom’s work on this earth. That includes our church and various ministries that serve basic human needs but primarily spiritual needs by sharing the Gospel.

First Thoughts

I am three weeks in and I absolutely love my new role as President of the Moravian Ministries Foundation.  So far in my tenure I have met a team of talented people, Laura, Kara and our Board of Trustees, who have supported philanthropy at MMFA and who are committed to the work.  I have encountered an outgoing president, Paul, who has welcomed me with such willingness to teach me and encourage me as I grow into the leader of this fine organization which he has loved and cherished over the past 20 years.