Campaign Services

Successful ministries require a broad base of solid support. Morning Star helps churches and agencies build cultures of generosity and gratitude in three ways:

Capital Campaigns

Morning Star provides expert help, on a fee-for-service basis; to assist churches and agencies organize their fund-raising efforts to obtain the maximum result. We recommend a two-step approach: Feasibility Study or Pre-Campaign Assessment to gauge the overall support for the project and help establish a campaign goal as well as to identify leadership, and Campaign Management to provide a framework and timetable for fundraising. We provide assistance in developing campaign materials (logo, brochures, commitment cards) and planning and managing campaign events.

Grace, Generosity and Gratitude

Grace, Generosity and Gratitude, formerly known as Simply Stewardship, is a service created to help congregations assess current ministries and increase commitments of time and financial support. Meeting in small discussion groups, members are asked to describe their most memorable church experiences and share personal recollections. Groups also talk about their congregation's strengths and challenges, and they discuss its financial health and budget. The information gathered from the discussions serves as the basis of a comprehensive program that encourages broad-based participation in the spiritual and financial health of the church as members recognize God's grace and abundance in their lives and respond with generosity and gratitude.

Long Range Planning Service

Understanding and articulating where you’re going is critical to make sure you get to the right place and achieve the goals of ministry that you desire. Determining who you are, where you want to go and how you’ll get there is the goal of our Long Range Planning Service.