Campaign Services Fees

Morning Star capital campaign consulting recommends a two-step process for capital fundraising: Feasibility Study and Campaign Management. These services are provided on a fee-for-service basis and can be provided individually or in any combination. The costs vary and depend upon the scope of work; however, the fee structure is significantly less than what private firms charge for comparable services. Typically, the fees range from 4% to 6% of the campaign goal and vary with the size of the congregation or agency. These costs include not only campaign counsel, but also assistance with production and printing of materials, travel time, phone and email support as well as training for solicitation.

Why is there a charge for Morning Star? Very simply, the Foundation does not believe it fair or reasonable to expect other churches and agencies to pay for or subsidize a very labor-intensive effort with one church/agency. In addition, experience indicates everyone involved in a project related to Morning Star takes the work much more seriously when there is a contract and money is exchanged for services.