Planned Giving for Churches

We all recognize that viable ministries need an abundance of resources to thrive. Imagine everything your church could accomplish if more members dedicated a portion of their estate in a legacy gift to the church.

Through our GiftLegacy program for congregations, we raise awareness of the church’s needs and offer opportunities for its members to respond. We offer this comprehensive service at no charge because we believe every Moravian church should have a program that speaks to its members about remembering the church through a planned gift.

How Do We Begin?

Does your church have clear endowment and investment policies to ensure planned gifts are properly cared and accounted for in perpetuity? Has it identified funds to which undesignated planned gifts shall be allocated? If not we can help your board with both these processes, as they are an important place to start. To see sample policies and fund descriptions, please click here.

What’s Next?

Once your church has created endowment and investment policies and identified the funds it will encourage members to consider in their planned giving, we work with a group of members to craft a one-year plan for the GiftLegacy program. To see a sample plan, please click here.

Our staff then designs brochures (see here, here, and here), writes articles for the church’s communications (newsletter, emails, website, etc.), and is available to speak to the congregation. We, in cooperation with the church’s planned giving team, make sure the GiftLegacy program is running smoothly as we are your staff for its duration.

An Invitation

Let us help you grow generosity in your congregation and encourage members to let their money serve a greater purpose. To learn more about our church GiftLegacy program, please click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions.