Frequently Asked Questions

The Moravian Ministries Foundation’s GiftLegacy Program

What is GiftLegacy? GiftLegacy is a comprehensive planned giving program that raises awareness of the church’s needs and offers ways for members to respond.  

Why is the Foundation providing this service to congregations? We believe every church should have a GiftLegacy program that speaks to its members about remembering the church through a planned gift.

What role does the Foundation play in providing this service? We provide staff support to a congregational leadership committee and work together to develop policies, identify ministry needs, develop a work plan and schedule for the program, design and print materials, draft all forms of communication, and other duties as needed.

How much does the service cost? There is no cost to the church or its members.

How are members identified who may want to make a gift to the church? GiftLegacy provides members opportunities to make a planned gift or communicate their wishes; members are not identified for cold-calling or unsolicited contact.

What happens when a member contacts the Foundation? All information is held in confidence unless the member says otherwise. We mail a handwritten note to thank the member and notify him/her we will be telephoning. In most cases a visit is scheduled.

If GiftLegacy is free, how is the Foundation able to provide the service? We are self-supporting through annual management fees charged against assets under management (currently .66% for endowments and 1% for irrevocable planned gifts) and fee-for-service programs provided to churches and agencies.

What happens when a planned gift is left for the benefit of the church? The entire sum left to the church is paid to the church. If there are any restrictions made by the donor, the church must comply with them as a condition of accepting the gift.

What is the Foundation’s role when talking with a member about a gift? The Foundation plays no role in directing where the member’s gift should go. We offer suggestions for the best gift-giving tools that will allow the member to accomplish his or her charitable dreams and personal or financial goals.

Does the Province have any role or authority over the funds or the program? No. All funds held are owned by the churches and agencies that work with the Foundation, which acts as investment manager and custodian to insure applicable laws and regulations are complied with and returns outperform the market over the long term.