Moravian Common Fund

2017 Peer Group Endowment Performance Study

I would like to begin by thanking Paul McLaughlin for his countless contributions to Moravian Ministries Foundation and for his time and attention to this year’s peer review study.  Paul has been a true champion for MMFA and a valuable resource for me as I lead the organization forward.  I am proud to say that my first report marks the fifth year Moravian Ministries Foundation’s returns have given us cause for celebration.

Moravian Common Fund and College & University Endowment Performance

I am delighted to provide you with important information about the Moravian Common Fund.

To begin, the last couple of months have been frustrating for all investors. The international markets have been disappointing, interest rates remain at record lows, and small caps have proven to be challenging. However, sometimes it is helpful to look at the long term since, for the Church, investing is a long-term process.