Step Up Generosity in 2017

We recommend to pastors and church leaders that you take the time to "step out" your congregational giving this year. Using a chart like the one in the photo (from Herb Miller's Grow1 Stewardship Program), you can easily see how people are supporting the church as well as challenge members to consider moving up a step. Many congregations share the concern that only a few members are generating most of the church's gifts; at a recent conference we heard from a pastor whose church has 10% of the members giving 45% of its budget.

The Balcony View

When I work with congregations in our “Grace, Generosity and Gratitude” stewardship program, I’m often asked these questions:  How do we move forward? How do we grow ministry? What do we have to continue to do? What do we have to stop doing?  What should we add?

In our churches we often talk about what’s broken – what needs to be fixed. Then, if there’s time left over, we continue to do what we’re good at and what we do well. And what happens? You guessed it. Nothing changes.

Yes, Your Church Needs to Talk About Planned Giving

When we meet with church leaders about encouraging their members to remember the church in their estate plans, we sometimes hear from people who think planned giving efforts are for larger, wealthier congregations that are "better off". This isn't true! To emphasize this point, we share the following story from Michael Reeves, author of "Creative Giving":