The Moravian Ministries Foundation is an interprovincial agency of the Moravian Church of North America.
Based in Winston-Salem, NC, we serve every Moravian Church in the United States and Canada.

We help individuals, churches, and agencies grow and sustain the ministries that are central to our Moravian faith.

How can we help you achieve your goals for ministry?

Call or email us, and let’s begin moving forward, together!

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Gift Planning

Look to MMFA to maximize the impact of your charitable giving to any Moravian ministry, agency, and congregation you support. We can also work with you to optimize your tax benefits and personal goals. To learn more about our Gift Planning Services, click here, or read our brochure below. To donate through our Giving Portal, click here.

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Stewardship Services

Make MMFA your congregation’s partner for strengthening and growing its impact through our Stewardship Services, Campaign Consulting, and Fundraising. Our support reaches to every Moravian Church in North America, and most of our services come to you at no cost. To learn more about Stewardship Services, click here or take a look at our brochure below.

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Investing in the Future

We’re your partner for savvy investment management and administration. Moravian individuals, congregations, and ministries all benefit from the combined power and economies of scale available through pooled investment solutions, such as the Moravian Common Fund. To learn more about the Moravian Common Fund, click here, or see our brochure below.