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It’s easy to apply for a grant from the Moravian Field of Interest Funds. Start by scheduling a consultation with Laura Watson.

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Ainsley will help you make the strongest application possible. After you have had a phone consultation, Ainsley will send you the simple application document. Complete it, along with any supplemental attachments, and return it before the application deadline. And that’s all there is.

MMFA Grant-Making Field of Interest Funds

The following funds are available to Moravian churches, ministries and agencies that work to support any of the key Fields of Interest. Existing and new institutions in Moravian communities are invited to apply for grants. The MMFA Grant Advisory Committee recommends how the funds are granted.

The Summer 2022 grant cycle involved the following funds:

  • Hunger & Thirst Field of Interest: Grants feed the hungry and sustain the thirsty. Existing and new institutions in Moravian communities can apply for grants.
  • Housing & Shelter Field of Interest: For those providing safety, shelter, and housing to people who are homeless or in danger.
  • Healing & Health Field of Interest: For those ministering to the ill or promoting health/wellness.
  • Clothing Field of Interest: For ministries that provide clothing for those in need.
  • Prison Ministry Field of Interest: For ministry to the imprisoned and their families.
  • Environmental Stewardship Field of Interest: For those looking to protect and restore God’s creation.
  • Racial Awareness, Equity, & Reconciliation Field of Interest: For those who wish to promote racial awareness, equity, and reconciliation through advocacy, training, and ministry.

The following additional funds make grants in response to needs, but are not part of the current grant cycle.

  • Prevention of Violence Against Women Field of Interest: For those looking to prevent violence against women.
  • Salemtowne Designated Fund for Ministers, Missionaries & Leaders: Designed to help help qualifying Moravian clergy, missionaries, and other church leaders with initial expenses to enter Salemtowne as a residents.
  • Moravian Ministers’ Emergency Designated Fund: Helps qualifying Moravian clergy deal with unexpected financial emergencies.
  • Moravian Ministers’ Mission Designated Fund: Helps qualifying Moravian clergy with travel expenses associated with mission trips.

Solar Array at Union Cross Moravian

Brad Johnson, chair of the Board of Trustees; Chrissy Johnson, elder; Dan Johnson, grant applicant; and Rick Hensdale, trustee, stand in front of the Solar Array, which is visible from the church, recreation building, and thrift store.